The birth of a Legacy

Amidst the mid-1980s, Ashok, a legacy bearer of a distinguished jewellery lineage, recognized a gap. Despite India's mastery in jewellery making, connecting with foreigners was a puzzle - their culture, needs, and mindset eluded local artisans. During this difficulty, Ashok envisioned JDWARKA, a bridge between precision Indian craftsmanship and a global perspective.

His passion made him travel around the world and now, being fluent in seven languages, his passion bridges cultures. Today, JDWARKA stands as a testament to Ashok's vision, adorning more than 15 nations, blending the artistry of India with a universal touch.

Legacy Legacy

Generation 1: Kindoori Lal Saraf

After having worked under the British government during the pre-independence era, he embarked on a new path after independence, settling in Jaipur. Amidst the vibrant streets of the Pink City, he opened a boutique store, crafting exquisite silver and gold jewellery with meticulous artistry.

His creations quickly became cherished in the local market, specialising in wedding jewellery, marking the foundation of the family's enduring jewellery-making tradition.

Generation 2: Dwarka Goyal

Dwarka was the former head of the Bank of Rajasthan and oversaw business management during his tenure in his father's business. In 1978, he, along with his brother, ventured into the world of exports, marking a new chapter in our family's entrepreneurial legacy.

Not only that, he diversified into creating designer jewellery for day-to-day use, that would appeal to the international markets.

Dwarka Goyal Dwarka Goyal
Ashok Goyal Ashok Goyal

Generation 3: Ashok Goyal

After spending six years in Milan, immersing himself in their culture, Ashok blended the artistry he discovered there with his knowledge of jewellery making. By uniting traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, he propelled JDWARKA to unmatched excellence.

Today, JDWARKA is a testament to exceptional jewellery craftsmanship and ethical values, serving national and international brands across five continents.

Generation 4: Vedansh Goyal

Having studied business management at ESSEC in France and having resided on four different continents, he, as the fourth generation, brings a global perspective and a fresh, energetic outlook with his recent entry into the family business.

His journey marks a commitment to infusing innovation and a global mindset into the longstanding family tradition.

Vedansh Goyal Vedansh Goyal

A glimpse into decades of artistry & trust


At JDWARKA we specialize in crafting 18 carat fine gold, 925 sterling silver, and brass jewelry with a strong emphasis on sustainability, ethics, and fair trade. Our commitment to these values sets us apart as a leading manufacturer and exporter in Jaipur, India. Since 1985, we have been providing one-stop services to jewelry professionals worldwide. We take pride in working with luxury high street boutiques and online retailers from over 15 countries on all continents, including some of the biggest names in the jewelry industry. Our passionate team of experienced professionals, with decades of experience in the field, offers the technical know-how and expertise to accommodate a wide range of styles, including exclusive custom designs. Our cutting-edge equipment and attention to detail and the latest fashion trends ensures that we carry a wide range of open-line collections.

At JDWARKA, we are committed to transforming the traditional jewelry industry by providing sustainable and ethical alternatives that prioritize the well-being of both people and the planet. We believe that high-quality jewelry should not come at the expense of the environment or the communities that produce it. We are dedicated to making jewelry with integrity and transparency, using only the highest quality materials, and ensuring fair trade practices throughout our supply chain. We aim to provide our customers with beautiful, timeless pieces that they can feel good about wearing, knowing that they have made a positive impact on the world.

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