JDWARKA is the leading exporter and manufacturer for those who want to make a new collection, launch a new jewellery brand or remodel jewellery designs.

The in-house bespoke team and workshop are available to assist you throughout the process personally. With just a 3-step process, we can help you explore all the possible avenues for consideration.

Step 1: Send us a picture or sketch of your design, along with length, width, dimensions, and any stone shape details. Fill out the provided form at the end of this page to ensure accurate specifications and upload the photo/sketch.

Step 2 : Based on your design, we create a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) representation. You have the option to request one modification to the CAD design.

Step 3: Once the CAD design is finalized, we proceed with mold creation and finish producing the first sample for your validation.


If you're unsure of where to begin when it comes to finding a trusted jewellery wholesaler and manufacturer, JDWARKA is an excellent source.

We proudly display our previous commissions, offering a plethora of unique designs to peruse. And if you need even more guidance, our specialists are an ideal resource to consult. Contact the bespoke team for inquiries about the process or costs.

Form for customize design.

Image/Sketch * Length (mm) Width (mm) Metal Stone to be used Remarks Action
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